August 5, 2016

Seven Quick Takes for Your Friday Afternoon

1 - Ahhhh... The Head and the Heart have a new album and this is the new single and I just love it all. (Remember the time Blythe interviewed her brother Kenny - the pianist in THATH - for my blog? It was a good one.)

2 - So who watched Kathryn's Blessed Is She workshop, Raising a Holy Family: Toddlers Through Teens last night? I was so excited to see it - Kathryn has spoken at my parish's mom group before and she was amazing. Her wisdom, her humility, her Texas twang - all of it! Unfortunately I had to miss it...

3 - ... because of freakin' Hand, Foot, and Mouth. Two of my boys have it now and I'm sure Jofis will come down with it, too. I'm holding out how that Baby Tee, the girls, and Travis and I will be safe. For some reason this strand is taking down adults, too, and with school and back to school events beginning next week for half of this household I really hope it's all said and done asap.

4 - But back to happier things and Kathryn... I'm throwing a Star Wars themed birthday party for the boys later this month. Basically I am just gonna do what Kathryn did for her Star Wars themed party. Why re-create the wheel, right? I did just buy this Darth Vadar costume (affiliate link!), one in small and one in medium. It will serve as birthday presents and Halloween costumes, and it will end hours of fighting to our days! My boys love Darth Vadar, not Han Solo, not Finn, not Chewie. Darth Vadar. Oh well.

5 - Here's a quick tip: Got beer you don't like? Use it to cook your stew meat or roast in. It has worked for us every time. In fact, the more we hate the beer the more we love the gravy!

6 - One perk of being a blogger is being able to send flowers for free to a friend as part of a company's incentive. It's true - and you can think what you want of me. I was so grateful
to FTD for sending me this gorgeous bouquet of flowers and letting me send some love to Nell with the same arrangement. She has been a great blogging buddy - she cheers me on and gently corrects and directs when needed. She has opened her heart and home to me and has done so much in service to Blessed Is She and Catholic bloggers everywhere.
So thanks, FTD, for allowing us to #connectbetter. ;)

7 - Last but not least, Kelly's 7QTs today is so good: What To Do When Your Child Won't Stop Staring at a Person in a Wheelchair. I thought it was super helpful.


  1. Oh man I hope the sickness spares the rest of you! We dealt with it last year and somehow only the baby really had it, everyone else seemed fine - maybe you'll get lucky? Such a bummer :(

  2. I hope you all get through the sickness soon! That's super lame. On the bright side, I think it's awesome that there's a Star Wars party to look forward to! I'm all about parties and Star Wars. When my husband and I celebrated our first anniversary of marriage, we threw ourselves a Star Wars party :)

  3. Just in the last week I've heard of two people ( a baby and an adult - unrelated to each other) who had hand, foot, and mouth, and with different symptoms. Creepy.

    And, we have so much (bad) beer! People seem to leave it when they come for dinner and it never leaves ... it's a great idea to roast meat in it!

  4. I missed you Bonnie - I'm SO sorry you've been sick. That. Stinks!