September 19, 2016

Shopping for Clothes Doesn't Have to Be Depressing (especially for curvy girls)

A true fact: 
I have a black, knee-length, tube skirt that my college room mate gave me from her closet. In college I was a size 8-10-12 (depending, you know) but it had an elastic waist. It fit me perfectly and I loved it. I still have it. I am now a 16-18-XXL in yoga pants but the skirt still fits me and I still wear it. Why? Because the elastic gave way but my girth holds it up. Sad, but true.

Another true fact: 
There are so many perks to losing all this baby fat but in the meantime it just sorta sucks to dress my body. It is probably true that no matter your size there is something you dislike about your body (even if you look fabulous) and clothes shopping can be hard for most, if not all, women. I have a barrel of a mid-section and other XL sized things. Let's just say it was a lot easier to buy clothes and then look and feel cute when I was a 10.

Which leads us to this:

A woman I know with a similar build to mine mentioned she owned a couple of dresses from something called LuLaRoe. I did not know what she was talking about but I really loved her dress *and* I loved that it fit her curvy body.

So then:
When my friend Megan told me she was selling LuLaRoe clothing I reached out to her to see if she'd want to partner with me and my blog because shopping for clothes is depressing but not when you *know* that the clothes will fit and look good. I had seen Megan look great in the clothes, but I had also seen the items on my curvy friend, the models of all shapes and sizes on the website, and other friends and acquaintances. I felt really confident that, unlike the weekly offers for sponsored posts I turn down, this one would benefit my readers (especially those built like me!) and stay true to what I'm trying to do in this space. 

Megan + me

So with no further ado, here's my shopping experience:
I made plans to get together with Megan. She explained her inventory, sizing, and showed me where I could change. And then I went for it. Everything I tried on I photographed. There were Nopes:

 and Maybes:
The one on the Left could actually be titled "Regret" because I wish I would have bought it. It looks like a cool 1950's kitchen counter, doesn't it? I might have to go back and get it. I love it. 

In the end I left with four pieces I absolutely love. You'll have to excuse my 8 year old photographer, but I thought some "here I am, in real life, really wearing these clothes" pictures would be appreciated.

This is the Irma tunic (totally covers my butt!) and some LuLaRoe leggings. The Irma is a size XL.

Here I am trying it on during my shopping trip. Please note I am wearing the aforementioned black tube skirt.

Another shot of the super comfy, super pretty leggings. These are the "Tall and Curvy" size.

The Randy shirt. I love this one - it is so totally my style. This is an XXL.

The Carly dress. This is a L and I love the way it fits me. 

If you've never shopped with LuLaRoe before here's what you should know:
The patterns are crazy. Like some of them are cray-cray, pretty much ugly. And some of them are absolutely beautiful. And what I think is ugly you will think is beautiful and so on, but the catch is the company buys the fabric, cuts it into a variety of items and sizes and then that's it. The inventory is always changing.

You can't order online - you have to find a consultant. You can get a feel for what LuLaRoe might have, and you can definitely see the pieces in the collection (like the Carly dress, for example) but you will never know what your consultant will have until you get to her online or in-person sale.

Many of these clothes will easily transition with a woman before, during, and after pregnancy. There are so many creative ways people wear these clothes. I commented to Megan about a couple of items that weren't very nursing friendly and she then explained ways people style the clothes so they are compatible with breastfeeding. I was impressed.

At least for me, shopping the inventory racks was a lot of fun. Megan had a good selection of size L, XL, XXL in all her shirts, skirts, leggings, and dresses. She was honest with me in her feedback, just as quick to tell me what didn't look good as to tell me what did. I was able to try on a lot of items, trying out patterns for the fun of it, and getting the chance to figure out sizing on my body.

The leggings are worth the hype. Really. They are so, so, so soft - it was an experience putting them on for the first time. (ha! ... but true!) Can you buy cheaper leggings? Yes. Yes, you can. Will the quality and comfort be as good? Not that I have found. Put them on your Christmas wish list. Buy some for your daughter / niece / best friend. They are amazing.

I said this before but it bears repeating: These clothes are styled in a way that I can wear them and feel pretty while I parent my kids and live life but none of my cracks show! Or as my high school dean said at the all school assembly the first day of the year, "No boobs, no butts, no bellies."

So, my honest opinion: the buzz that surrounds LuLaRoe is legit. If you can make it to a Pop-Up Sale, do it! And better yet, if you want to get a new piece, my friend Megan is offering 15% off your entire purchase when you order from her. She's got brand new inventory on her FB page right now. Head on over and claim your item on her Google Form. When you do be sure to use the coupon code aknottedlife15 to get your 15% off. Also, because the inventory is always changing Megan wants to be sure you can get something you really love so the coupon code is good through October 31st.

Megan's LuLaRoe Facebook Page
Megan's LuLaRoe Instagram

Happy Shopping!


  1. Seriously! You look freaking fab in that last dress!! And I love the "Randy" baseball tee too.

  2. I love the baseball tee and the carly dress! You look so great!!

  3. Love these - I got introduced on maternity leave and yes, it's worth it. I love my Nicole and Amelia dresses - they're just the right length and I've had a lot of fun picking out some crazy leggings (I've got an origami bird pair and a pink pair that has knitting stitches on it!)

  4. Beautiful Bonnie! I love the Carly dress on you. This post put a smile on my face ;)

  5. What a great post. Now I understand why everyone is crazy about these clothes. I love that dress on you, especially with those boots!

  6. Thanks for sharing this! I had been rolling my eyes a bit but I "won" a pair of leggings on a friend's Facebook group and they are legit. I might have to take a closer look now!

  7. Totally agree about the "regret". You need that it looks wonderful on you!

  8. You look amazing. I recently discovered LLR and have been loving it. It is so good for pregnancy and postpartum too. I just got an Irma last week and I cannot BELIEVE how muh I like it. I'm usually not a tunic girl at all!

  9. I was super impressed that you fell through a deck in your awesome leggings and they were unscathed. (I wish you also had been unscathed...but at least the leggings didn't tear!)

  10. You look great!! Love all the photos, and I agree, you should probably go back and get that fun skirt 😊

  11. You look beautiful in the Carly! I have 2 Nicole dresses, and I love them!

  12. I HAVE THOSE LEGGINGS!! Aren't they awesome?!? I'm obsessed with the Randy tee. You look great in all the pieces!!

  13. This is so funny, because over the weekend Susana delivered to me my first two pieces of from LLR. I wore the dress today and LOVED it! I thought I noticed some Carly's around the lodge Sunday morning. You looked so pretty in it yesterday en route to Mass! That's the next purchase I want to get is a Carly too!

  14. You look so good! And you're right, their clothing is super soft. I haven't bought any yet...but maybe one day. lol

  15. You and that last Carly is perfection! Beautiful woman and mama! I totally agree though! It's hard dressing yourself post-partum! I have some major diastases recti and so if I ever go out in public I'm guaranteed at least one, "When are you due with this nect one?" type question :P Honestly, I think I'd feel oodless better about my body image if it weren't for those pesky random persons gauging my mid-section for how far along I must be!

  16. You are beautiful! That Carly dress with the boots?! #rockincatholicmomhood

  17. Holy crap. Your fashion posts are gold, my friend! I was going to say that I liked the ones you said no too! But I love me some patterns. The pieces you picked are really awesome because you look fab and you'll wear them a toooonnnn.

  18. You look so cute! I especially like that tunic on you - it's so flattering. - nancyo

  19. The baseball tee is super cute but the Carly dress on you is FABULOUS!

  20. Bonnie - What I love best is YOU in anything, because you are simply one of the most amazing people I have EVER known. But, since this IS a fashion post....GURL!!! You look amazing in the Carly dress!! Travis better be takin' you out on a date, STAT!

  21. Such weird timing because just this week I got it in my head to see what all the fuss was about and bought a pair of leggings. I followed Megan so maybe I will find some clothes that speak to me. Thanks for the review. Really. As a fellow curvy gal who doesn't feel like her best self often.

  22. Your post totally inspired me and I got ahold of my local LuLaRoe person. I was happy to find some items that were cute and that fit. Going into fall and winter I tend to just wear junky things because that's just sort of how it goes when I am working at home and not going into the office as much. Now I have two great pairs of leggings and three tops to wear at home that I can feel good about. And I love how the Carly dress looks on you! I am too short or I would have taken every one she had! Thanks for inspiring me with your post.