April 19, 2018

I'm not trying to sell you stuff, I just want you to know

You know how you miss announcements and then you're all like, "Well, I didn't know," and everyone's like, "Well it was on Facebook," and you're just like, "That stupid algorithm keeps changing and I never see what I want, just my family member who's political views are the exact opposite of mine so I was trying to stay off Facebook to improve my stress levels," and it feels like you just can't win?

Wow do I hate that. 

And so while this post does have a handful of affiliate links (denoted with an *) please know that I'm just trying to make sure you know about these things, in case you're interested. But let's start with some music:

But if you'd rather listen to a podcast you might like The Gathering Place or Certifiably Catholic, which are a couple of new podcasts I am loving.

Alright, first announcement: This coming Wednesday I am giving a workshop on Living Out Community in the Every Day and the Extraordinary. It's all about being the kind of friend you want to have and how we can support one another through seasons of crisis or survival but also when we're thriving. There is a $15 price tag to watch though it's free for BIS Members. You can register to watch here - let me know in the comments if you're planning on being there!

Up next: The Blessed Is She Academic Planners are on sale right now but the pre-order sale will be ending soon so don't put this off! The planners always sell out and this is the cheapest they will be. Plus, there are two versions now - the standard, 8x10" one and now a mini version! Both planners have all the liturgical info (prayers, feast and fast days, novena start dates, etc) and follow the academic calendar. They will be shipped this summer. Planners for the 2019 calendar year will go on sale this fall. 

This is a little glimpse at the Mini. It has a lot of the same features of the larger, original planner, but was tweaked with feedback from the masses. ;) You can pre-order yours here*.

You can bet your bottom dollar I will be getting another standard sized academic planner. This baby is beautiful but works hard. And the new one has a Grocery list I can remove to take to the store! #loveit If you have any questions about it please feel free to ask. It's definitely an investment piece but I use it almost every single day and it helps me stay organized like nothing else has before.  You can pre-order yours here*.


You can still get the four part study guide on the rosary, Mystery, here*. I know that I'm partial because I wrote Believe on the Glorious Mysteries and because I just love Blessed Is She in general, but these studies are so lovely.

Plus, the BIS / OSV Catholic Journaling Bible is still for sale* and is as awesome as ever.

That Eucharist sticker in the margin of my Bible was purchased from Look to Him Be Radiant Etsy Shop.

I also have started memorizing Scripture again and this time I'm trying to rope my kids in it with me. We're using the Encourage Bible Verse Cards* the first of which is pictured above.

My Love Like Therese / Serve Like Gianna / Fight Like Joan / Love Like Mary mug is from Sancta Bovina.

Oh! And I wrote the devotion today BIS. It's called Build that Bible Habit and it's a reflection on the interaction Philip has with the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts.

And that's it! Now you're in the know. I hope something here was helpful, even it was just having some good Praise music to worship with.

Happy Easter, friends!


  1. I read your devotion this morning and thought to myself that I should really get that journaling Bible. I've thought about it before but I am more of an underliner than a journaler and the thought of trying to make something pretty freaks me out. BUT - I just placed an order through your affiliate link! I will try to remember your devotion and actually mark it up and use it instead of being afraid because I can't make it look nice.

    PS - I love your instastories! They always brighten my day - your life is wonderful!

    1. Please do mark it up! It has been so helpful to me to write in my Bible - it really helps me study and pray it! And thank you for using my affiliate link - that is so thoughtful and we appreciate it!

      Also, my life is wonderful but my toddler also just unloaded a big Tonka truck of dirt onto my family room carpet! lol

  2. Your big faith is so inspiring to me. Our fun budget is pretty much nil right now but I am loving all this stuff! Maybe one day.