May 9, 2018

Five Favorites

This morning started out okay and I was filled with hope. "I'll be able to work on some writing," I naively thought. "Tee and MJ will be happy as clams and I can get things done."

But pretty much all Tee and MJ did was cry and snot and cry some more when I wiped their noses.

Maybe it's the barometric pressure?

This afternoon has been better - long live nap time and Thomas & Friends streaming on Amazon Prime! - but even with Jofis home I've had to do a lot more parenting and a lot less creating. Oh well. I once heard a father say that when our kids are at their worst we need to be at our best. I accept that; I think it's true, beautiful, and hard.

But I still want to chat with you so we'll just keep it lighthearted, howsaboutthat?

Remember way back in the day when Hallie Lord posted her five favorites each Wednesday? I loved that so we'll go old school and I'll share my current five faves. Here goes!

- 1 -

These gaucho pants are thin and high waisted and super comfortable.  You will basically see me in them the rest of the summer. With heels and a blouse: they're dressy! With flip flops and a t-shirt: super casual! Do I look good in them? I don't really care! I'm comfortable, my butt and belly aren't hanging out, and they're not hot!

- 2 -

Cannot get enough of this new Mat Kearney song.

- 3 -

I made some wild violet jelly from violets the kids and I picked from our backyard. It was suuuuper simple and tastes delicious on some buttery toast. Resa also likes it on her PBJs. I used this recipe.

- 4 - 

Spring has come and I can send the kids outside to play for hours. They need baths at the end of the day but the weather is beautiful, their bodies are getting stronger, and my house is staying tidier longer. Everybody wins!

- 5 -
That after tonight's recorder concert we will be done with recorders for two more years. Peace.


  1. I cannot tell you how happy I am that gaucho pants are coming back in style. I’ve been wearing my few pairs I’ve had since college in secret nearly every day inside my house since then. Now I don’t feel silly going outdoors wearing them!!

    1. Oh my gosh, you and me both! I was literally thinking to myself the other, "What are the most comfortable pants I've ever worn?" Hands down they were a pair of maternity gauchos I wore when pregnant with Lydia and then until they wore out. Amazon did not let me down when I searched for them.

  2. I have never tried culottes because I don’t know how to pronounce it 😂. But those look awesome and that price is tempting!

  3. I miss 5 favorites!!! It was a fun link up

  4. Ashley at The Big White Farmhouse hosts a monthly 5 Favorites linkup if you're interested :)

  5. I remember the 5 favorites! Seems so long ago. Everything old is "new" again. Really dating myself but I remember culottes from when I was young. ;) I might just have to try them again.