August 24, 2018

Back to School + a Giveaway

The kids went back to school and I have been humming "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" for over a week. 

Each year I snap pictures of the kids, all shiny and ready to go. JF's picture looks a bit funny because he was struggling to smile through the misery of seasonal allergies but oh well. He's a cute booger butt, as are all the kiddos. 

Resa's First Day of 1st Grade
I'm most excited about recess, Math, *everything*! (she sang the word "everything")
I want to be a Mom and a teacher like Mrs. D when I grow up because she has kids but then goes goes to school every day, too!
I like my teacher, Sofia the First, French toast sticks, my Minnie Mouse doll, and my friends.

JF's First Day of 2nd Grade
I'm excited about recess, Math, playing at inside recess, and my First Communion.
I want to be a pumpkin farmer when I grow up.
I like trains, whatever Bennet likes, and safe French toast sticks.

Ben's first day of 3rd Grade!
I'm most excited about seeing my friends and learning about Math some more.
I want to be a priest when I grow up.
I like pizza, JFL, playing ball tag, and chess.

L's first day of 5th Grade!
I'm most excited about getting a *Locker!!" and meeting new teachers.
I want to be a bakery owner when I grow up.
I like school, pizza, cube steak, basketball, cross country, friends, and (my favorite) NOT getting bug bites!!

This Back to School season has brought the addition of L running Cross Country and Ben being in JFL. The kids love these activities and I can see how it's been good for them but it adds a layer of craziness to our schedule to which I'm having a hard time adjusting. We've mostly taken to dinner at 4 because I want to eat as a family as often as possible. Moms who have done this longer than me - HELP! Any tips or suggestions welcome!

Also new this year: we have adopted a patron saint for the school year, an idea I got from my friend Beth. Travis and I chose John Paul the Great, a saint we want our kids to learn more about and love. I brought a picture of him to display in the house and we've already started talking about him more and yelling out, "JPII: Pray for us!" And seriously, JPII, pray for me!

It's not until the second week of September that I really feel like I can say, "We are Back to School, folks!" By that time the school's heat schedule is over and Jofis will be settling into Pre-K4. The rhythm of the school days is such a gift to me and I love it. The structure-free summers are hard for me but the schedule of each school day gives me such a balance of productivity and rest - have I mentioned that I love it? Because I loooooove it.

In honor of my love for Back to School time I reached out to some of my favorite vendors to do a Giveaway. This is perfect for a woman going off to college for the first time or starting her degree after many years out of the classroom. It's perfect for a mom or grandma who is putting her kids or grandkids on the bus, or braving the drop off line, or homeschooling for the first or twelfth year. Heck, this is a great giveaway for any woman who just likes a good chance at winning some amazing, quality, Catholic goods!

Because I love to sip on my coffee or tea each morning from a real mug, the winner will receive a Mug of her choice from Rose Harrington Art.

Because I love having a little pouch in my diaper bag to hold my lipstick, hairband, business cards, and whatnot, the winner will receive a Pencil Bag of her choice from Someday Saints Design.

Because I like to dress to remind myself of why I'm doing what I'm doing, the winner will receive a T-Shirt of her choice from Brick House in the City

 Because I love to leave a mark on cards, my planner, and notes to my kids' teachers, the winner will receive a Stamp of her choice from Look to Him and Be Radiant.

Because I purchased a print of JPII with a quote to keep us inspired this school year, the winner will receive a Print of her choice from Santa Clara Design.

Because I think it's fun and powerful, and I love that it's not painful or permanent, the winner will receive a Temporary Tattoo Set of your choice from Just Love Prints.

The total value of this giveaway is over $100. The winner will receive store credit in each online shop for the type of good listed. This giveaway is for anyone 18 or older in the continental US (Sorry, everyone else!)To enter just head over to my Instagram account and follow the rules there!

Congrats to the winner, Karissa!

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