March 17, 2015

A peek at our St. Paddy's Day

Our home has a pretty minimal but growing devotion to St. Patrick.
I do confess, I mostly celebrate this feast as a cultural celebration (meaning I'm American) but I am making an effort to learn more about him and teach my kids about him too. 

Maybe next year we will do pious things.

But this year Travis and I drank Irish whiskey at dinner. 

We had green napkins and corned beef with mashed potatoes and freshly baked, homemade Irish soda bread. It was delicious.

For dessert I made rainbow jello.

It looks a little trippy but was actually kinda pretty and the kids loved it.  It was time consuming but worth it, especially because it meant we all got to eat the same thing.

L and Ben told me all about St. Patrick, and they did a good job of it too. Maybe next year we'll start the tradition of praying St. Patrick's breastplate prayer. That would be nice, wouldn't it?

St. Joseph's feast day is coming up this Thursday. It's JP's name day and I have planned the incredibly average meal of noodles and sausage. What about you?

Happy feast day, friends. I'll leave you with my favorite Irish song, I'll Tell Me Ma, performed by Van Morrison and The Chieftains:


  1. I love the Chieftains. I saw them at Davies Symphony Hall almost 20 years ago and they were fabulous!

  2. I love The Chieftans! They were my grandpa's favorite and I think he passed on that love to me as well ;)

  3. That's my favorite Irish song as well! And the Chieftains rock.

    Psst...not to be pedantic, but it is "peek" at our day, not "peak." Peak is a mountain top, peek is a quick view. I'm seeing this error everywhere on the internet, in news articles as well, and it's kind of getting weird! :)

  4. Zoinks! You're right! I actually know that but bad spelling is always what's gets me when I'm tired and posting. Thank you so much for being comfortable enough to tell me.

    1. And thank you for being gracious enough not to tell me to get stuffed. :) After I posted I wandered around the house thinking, "Was that charitable? Was it unkind?" and I wouldn't have blamed you for being irked with a stranger on the Internets correcting your grammar. You're a class act.

  5. ha! I love that you named it as a 'cultural celebration' for your family. Us too, and I do have to admit, the once a year I listen to 'irish freedom songs' is pretty special, though maybe next year I can make it a bit more about the saint :)

  6. Sigh. I should do more for St. Patrick's day because I am mostly Irish and my husband is part Irish, and we live in Boston! Growing up, most of my St. Patrick's days were spent in pubs and nursing homes with Irish dancing performances, but in this season of little kids, I feel a little creatively tapped out. I do, however, always manage to have a beer or two. :) BTW, I love your new blog design and I especially love your new headshot. Gorgeous gal!