October 31, 2013

Thoughts throughout the day II

A little while ago I shared my thoughts throughout the day. I've been meaning to do it again but honestly, those posts are pretty tough to do. But for some reason I decided today, Halloween, would be a good day to record things. Because, you know, there's nothing else to do!

5:30 Music? Is that music? My phone alarm. Beeping. The real alarm. I'm hitting snooze.

5:35 Why is JF such a morning person?

5:37 I need clothes for all the kids. Purple and black for Resa - that's Halloween-y. L's got her uniform. Check and check.

5:39 JF's pants are downstairs. Clean shirt and socks. Check. Cute pumpkin onesie for JP. Okay. Ben will hopefully not fight me over this and this.

5:45 I wish JF would eat something besides chicken nuggets and hot dogs for breakfast. And lunch. And sometimes dinner. Allergies and picky kids and lazy parents for the win.

5:50 I should pour my coffee.

5:51 Chocolate soy milk - creamer for moms nursing babies with dairy allergies.

6:00 Breakfast! I'll make something cool and Halloween-y. We'll have ghost and monster pancakes for supper so not that... Halloween sprinkles on their toast! And I can make those ghost bananas I saw on Pinterest. Best. Mom. Ever!

6:02 Oh awesome! I have these Halloween cupcake stencils! Don't know when I got them but I'm gonna use them. The kids will love it!

6:05 A purple spider for L...

6:08 A green skull and crossbones for Ben....

6:12 Not as much banana for L since she doesn't like them as well, but they need to eat something healthy today. And with the chocolate chip eyes and mouth she should be okay. One for Ben... One for Resa...

6:20 And chicken nuggets with ketchup for JF. Maybe I could make the ketchup look like dripping blood, like a vampire bit the nuggets. Oh JF won't care - I'm just giving the kid a squirt of ketchup on his plate.

6:21 Okay, breakfast on the table, I can't wait to see how the kids react! They're gonna love this!

6:30 What the hell. That's the last time I try to do something nice for those kids. "I don't want colored sugar." "I don't want a banana unless it has peanut butter." Whatever. Eat the damn breakfast or go hungry.

6:31 Best mom ever, my ass.

6:35 Okay, God, I'm sorry. Lord, have mercy.

6:45 I'm not going to have time to shower but I need to get dressed to take the kids to school. Bras - they're important.

7:00 L needs socks and to brush her hair.

7:02 Ben is driving me crazy. He cannot live in athletic shorts. Every once in awhile is okay but people who wear sweats and athletic shorts all the time and don't work at a gym look like they've given up on life. Plus, it's the end of October.

7:03 Jean shorts = compromise.

7:10 I need to change diapers.

7:17 Time to nurse JP. Happiest baby ever. Oh I love you, little smiley boy.

7:20 I need to tape those books. Why do kids rip books? I feel like all I do is tape books.

7:25 Crap. We gotta get out the door.

7:27 Crying JP in his carseat can prop open the screen door. Not so loud inside and maybe the sound of the rain will soothe him.

7:30 How many times do I have to tell a competent child to put on their shoes?

7:32 Shoes, jackets, bookbags, the ipad, costumes, my phone, my coffee, my wallet. Turn off the lights, shut the door, and Go!

7:33 Oh good, they're buckled in our waiting in their carseats. Thank you, God.

7:34 We're not late! We are actually not late!

7:35 I need to schedule confession with Father. Maybe I can do that before I get L.

7:36 I wonder if there's any Halloween music on? Halloween playlist - I should make one. Maybe the kids and I can enjoy it as we put their costumes on. It'll go over as well as the breakfast. I hope it stops raining for trick-or-treating.

7:38 The Monster Mash. Purple People Eater. The Halloween song my kindergarten teacher used to play. "H-A-double L-O-W-double E-N spells Halloween!" Oh that one song: I always feel like somebody's watching me - and I've got no privacy. Whoa-oh-oh!

7:39 I'm totally making that playlist. Even if I'm the only one who likes it.

7:41 I love those giant rolls of corn stalks. I want to take a picture of them. People with smartphones and Instagram got it made. Just click it, post it, love it forever. If you don't get in an accident as you drive down a country road, taking pictures.

7:58 I love watching L run up to the school door. It makes me sad and happy and makes my heart swell with love all at the same time.

7:59 Gotta get gas.

8:09 Oh my gosh! I just filled up for 43 bucks! $2.78 a gallon, I love you.

8:11 Turn left so I can drive the boys over train tracks.

8:23 Good thing I didn't brush my hair or teeth or wash my face since I need to talk to JF's teacher.

8:30 Remember to stop by Teri's and get that homemade shampoo she has for me.

8:40 I love Teri. She's so nice. Maybe I can be like her when I grow up.

8:45 Did she say to use apple cider vinegar instead of conditioner? Shoot the duck, I don't remember.

9:37  If I read that it might depress me. It'll probably make me stop blogging.

9:38 Oh look, I lost a follower. Maybe I should stop blogging.

9:39 Did the Man in the Yellow Hat just sing, "bowl, bowl, bowl your ball briskly down the lane."? I think he did.

9:41 I am so tempted to just give her the candy so she'll leave me alone. But how many fun sized candy bars should a toddler eat before lunch? Probably none. And she's on 2. It's Halloween.

9:46 I gotta email that guy about the Audrey concert.

9:49 I need to figure out what saints the kids are gonna be for the All Saints party at church. Since, you know, I'm planning it. That would look good.

9:58 I need to turn the dishwasher on. I'm gonna finish blogging.

10:15 Why isn't the keyboard working? It's on. New batteries? It hasn't worked since Travis did that stuff. I wonder if he's teaching right now.

10:16 No answer. I'll text. Maybe he's talked to our realtor.

10:34 Wow. That is so true. "it’s the fear that something can possess you — not the Devil, but something like rage or jealousy or despair — that haunts everyone regardless of their belief system." That is so, so true. But those are demons - rage, jealousy, despair. Literal demons that attach themselves to us, to our homes, our things. Creeeeepy. St. Michael the Archangel...

10:37 I love rainy days, especially in autumn, but not on Halloween. I hope it stops for trick-or-treating.

10:40 Oh, it didn't make me want to stop blogging. That was good.

10:41 Oh great, Resa's playing with a Abreva. That's so great.

10:47 If leggings aren't pants what about jeggings? Jeggins are just skinny jeans but more comfortable. What's the rule there? I feel like I'm in this conundrum of being too fat to wear jeggings but it's precisely because I'm fat that I can't get jeans that fit well and so have to wear jeggings.

10:50 Realtor calling! Please God, have them give us an offer so we can move.

10:53 I wish there was another season of Freaks and Geeks that I could watch. That show was the best. Oh my gosh, I can't believe that one episode with Bill - it was perfect for my life. The peanut allergy, and then it ends with Bill dressed as Doctor Who with the long scarf. I wonder what "Bill" is doing these days.

10:54 IMDB, you're just another time sucker. Sucking my time.

10:55 Bill, you look pretty good. And you're still acting. That's so great.

10:59 I really want to see This Is the End. I wonder how vulgar it is? It looks funny. I should ask on Facebook.

11:05 Do Catholics believe in ghosts? I need to read this later.

11:08 Oh baby JP. Why you cry so much?

11:10 Nursing is for reading.

11:20 Wow. Baby Ruths are even better than I remember. Holy cow. I'm glad there's only 3 here, otherwise I'd eat a whole bag.

11:30 The bus! JF is home. Shoot, lunch isn't ready.

11:40 Who smells like poop?

11:50 Who smells like poop now?

12:03 Well, I have no clean plates.

12:15 Put down a blanket on the floor with a plate of chicken nuggets in the middle and tell the kids it's a rainy day picnic. Genius.

12:16 I'm gonna make that Halloween playlist.

12:20 I'm sure I'm missing some songs... Google will help me.

12:25 No one besides me is gonna listen to this playlist.

12:30 Yes! Free pumpkins for the party! I need to email M and see if she can add a blurb to the bulletin thanking Ackerman Farms for donating towards the All Saints' Halloween party. Good phone call. Good news. Ask and ye shall receive.

12:40 Nap time! Where's the bottle?

12:50 Little Joe, you're so gassy. Fuss, fart, smile, repeat. Oh I love, love, love, love you, little boy. I love the feel of your cheek on mine! Oh.... now you nurse and I'll read. The Hunger Games is so good.

1:25 Nap time for baby Joe.

1:35 I need to get those pumpkin seeds in the oven.

1:45 No! Nap time is not over, Resa! Go back to sleep.

1:47 Lord, I do love holding her perfect little body. Oh my goodness, she is delicious.

2:00 Okay, I'm caught up on this dumb typing. Now I need to tape those books and bake those scones. And unload the dishwasher.

2:14 Okay, actually now I'm done typing.

2:15 Wow. Listen to that wind and rain. I love rainy days. Too bad it's Halloween.

2:16 Gotta leave to get L in 45 minutes. I need to get going on my chores.

And so there it ends because then I had to clean and prep and find shoes and run to get my daughter from school. Then it was supper and trick or treating in the cold rain. I'm too old for this.


  1. Seriously, Bonnie, I know we have never met, but I love you. You are hilarious.

  2. This is why we all love you, Bonnie! Hilarious.

    1. I think it's hilarious that he eats chicken nuggets for breakfast. Why not? It's just like corn flakes and some fancy chicken sausage, right? That sounds like breakfast.

    2. My children's inability to find shoes was a leading factor in my decision to homeschool.

    3. Bobby, my one child born in the midwest wears pants only to church. Otherwise it's always shorts. Our deal is that he's allowed to keep it up as long as he never complains about being cold. And he hasn't yet.

    4. I'll have to try Freaks and Geeks. Here's hoping it's on netflix.

    5. Love Hunger Games. Want to sit Katniss down and give her a talking to, but love it.

    6. Hope your party was a huge success! Our homeschool group saints carnival tomorrow is basically ALL your ideas!

    1. Freaks and Geeks is on Netflix! I hope you like it. It makes me nostalgic for my childhood - the clothes, decorations, the game Pit. :)

  3. You're making me feel so much better about my life.