March 23, 2013

Thoughts throughout the day

Several women have made timelines of their day, documenting all the little things they did for each moment. I thought I'd spin that a little bit and document my thoughts throughout the day. In case you were curious...

6:10 Why is JF tapping me while I'm laying asleep and Travis is sitting up next to me, clearly awake?

6:30 I told Travis he could visit his family but only if he was gone for one meal of the day. That booger just left before breakfast. That's two meals he'll be gone for. I wonder if he even changed any diapers.

6:45 He didn't change any diapers.

7:20 Pancakes will feed all the kids.

7:21 Pancakes will FEED ALL THE KIDS!

7:22 I need to make a meme of that.

7:40 Where's the pizza cutter so I can cut the pancakes.  I should blog that.

7:41 "I should blog that." I'm so lame. No one gives a damn about my pizza cutter trick. But maybe it'll get pinned because people will find it helpful? I could include the yard stick in the drawer handle trick. It'll be like something Kathryn Whitaker would do. But I'm not Kathryn Whitaker. But maybe she'll be proud of me. Except they're not even my ideas. Whatever. I'm so lame.

8:00 Are they all done eating? They're not gonna leave any syrupy bloated pieces of pancake left on the plate for me to eat? At least they'll be full til lunch time.

8:15 Coffee was made for creamer. Caramel creamer.

8:27 It's amazing how much I want people to not talk to me. It's like that Bjork song about it being oh so quiet. Except Bjork is weird and that song is weird. But I just want it to be oh so quiet.

8:30 Puzzles! We all like puzzles!

8:40 I wish JF could talk so I'd know if he knew what I was saying. Sometimes I think he's so smart he's playing dumb. "What? I'm practically a mute! You can't expect me to pick the puzzle pieces off the floor, or eat all my apple slices, or stay in my chair through dinner. Wahahaha! Apraxia!"

9:22 And now the kitchen will be clean for the next 11 minutes.

9:23 Banana bread crumbs? I should sweep the floor. Where's my laptop?

9:34 Someone stinks. Ah crap.

9:39 Everyone is fed and in a clean diaper and happily occupied.  Hellooooo, Doctor.

10:15 I miss David Tennet. This guy has no eyebrows. It's weird. But bowties are cool. Allons-y!

10:27 Holy cow, Katie!

10:30 If we get a new house and it has one of those stupid formal living rooms I'll change the space into our "fake homeschool" / playroom. Come on, Pinterest, give me ideas.

10:40 Oooooooo. Like like love!

10:59 I need to feed the kids.

11:06 I really should start lunch.

11:15 Leftovers for mom. This is the best lasagna I've ever made.

11:34 We should all load up and go to DQ.

11:35 Do not add butter, do not add butter, do not add butter so JF can eat it.

11:40 Is this noodle small enough for Resa? Death by Farfalle noodle and incompetent mother is a bad way to go.

11:44 Sit and eat and let's all be quiet.

11:45 Or not.

12:00 I need to melt the butter for the cookies.

12:01 What was I going to do?

12:03 JF is napping! Quiet time!

12:05 I'm going to make a meme.

12:10 I should check my email.

12:15 I miss Facebook.

12:16 Hellooooo, Doctor.

1:00 I'm gonna really make a meme now.

1:08 Why can't I figure out these stupid meme generators? What's the point of generating a meme if it won't let me somehow upload it to my blog or save it to my desktop. Damn memes.

11:11 This is so ghetto.


1:21 What is that thumping? The kids are gonna break something...  I don't care I just want no one to talk to me.

1:27 I hate the #2 key on this laptop.

1:28 Seriously, I need to melt the butter for the cookies.

1:30 Bake and watch Doctor Who? Don't mind if I do!

1:35 Stupid frozen butter...

1:45 Ben and L are naked and sliding off the toy box. Don't laugh. Don't laugh. Don't laugh. Travis would be so pissed. Don't laugh. Just look mean and upset.

1:50 Shake, shake, shake the nasty formula up.

2:00 loooooooove this baby girl! Resa, you're the best baby ever. Gorgeous fingers. Gorgeous eyes. You smile while you sleepily take a bottle. looooooooove.

2:03 And I can just lay you in the crib and you giggle, kick your feet, and go to sleep. Best. Baby. Ever!!!

2:05 Pants-less JF, up from his nap.

2:06 Yes, L, of course you came up here because you knew I had baby bottles to carry downstairs and you wanted to help. Of course.

2:10 Back to baking and Doctor Who.

2:30 Twitter...

2:31 Is Blogger taking away the blogs in my Dashboard? I wonder if Cari knows. It needs to be simple so I can do it.

2:54 Children! Please don't cry. Just let me pee in peace.

3:00 Travis will be home in half an hour. As soon as he gets here I'm going upstairs and locking the door. If the cookies are done baking.

3:18 He's early.

3:27 I'm not going  upstairs.

The rest of the days thoughts were mostly uncharitable so we'll call it quits there.


  1. This. was. awesome. Please do this once a week.

  2. I too am requesting that this be a regular feature. Hilarious.

  3. I was worried about the Blogger Dashboard thing too. I found this at Mrs. In Training :

    Sounds like a lot of people use the Blogger Reading List in Blogger to read blogs. I reached out to Google to see how this would be affected by Google Reader, and this was their response:

    The reading list on your dashboard is based on the feed of the blogs you are reading and their feeds are not going away. If you have items in your reading list on the dashboard that are only there because you added them through GReader and they are not Blogger blogs, they might be removed from the list when GReader goes away but any Blogger blog that is on your Reading List because you used the "following" gadget on another blog to start following it, should remain intact.I also asked about if/how Google Friend Connect would be affected, and she said:

    GFC is already a basically discontinued product, and the removal of GReader will not affect its status.

    So there ya go. Even more proof that your GFC follower number doesn't actually matter!

    So, good news there. And I see I was out-voted on crap. If you need me, I'll be perusing the Old-Timey Insult Generator to try to keep up.

    1. Thanks for all the info. So I should get rid of GFC? I was under the impression that that was how Blogger peeps could easily follow in their Dashboard.

      So then I probably should upload my blog list and blog to Bloglovin'...

      Also, with the bad words: I am so stuck in the middle with it all but I think you made a very good case for having a bigger vocabulary. Sometimes I use crap or crappy or craptastic because my vocabulary is so small and it was a good challenge to learn and use more words. I also liked what someone else said about not even saying "Oh man" or other replacement words. What a goal to aspire to! My first thought was, I don't even know what I would say then, but the more I thought on it the more I saw it as a good challenge to examine what I really want to say and how I can best respond to every situation in a way that glorifies God.

      Obviously, based on my stream of consciousness post above I still have a long way to go.

    2. I'm not sure about GFC, I was surprised to read what she said on that. It's my understanding that only other bloggers can follow you through GFC. So it's a good way to gauge where you are in that particular kind of following. Which would be of interest if you wanted to start a weekly link-up or host some blog awards. I'm planning to keep it and it sounds like it's not going away.

      Perhaps Mrs. In Training is more of a blog to be enjoyed by non-bloggers? Whereas I think a signficant percentage of the Catholic Mom Blog-readership is made up of other Catholic Mom bloggers.

      I went ahead and linked to Bloglovin' in case there are non-blogger types who'd like it. But I didn't put the blogs I follow over there. I have my blogger dashboard open a lot of the time, so that's the easiest way for me to keep an eye on the bogs I like.

      Oh, and Bloglovin' says you have to put the link they give you to claim your blog in a new post and preferably at the top. But since they're not the boss of me, I stuck it on the end of something I had already posted and upated it and it worked just fine. Then I put the widget on the sidebar.

      I liked/was horrified to read the comment about "oh man" too. That's one I definitely have used because I think it sounds funny and hip (note to self, you'd can't sound hip if you say hip). But I think she's totally right. We follow that rule of not subsituting other words for "bad" words, I just hadn't recognized that as a swear. I guess I need to improve my perception of mankind in general, so I'll notice when I'm swearing by it.

  4. Ha! so funny. and I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Bonnie - why didn't he take the kids with him? You should push for that next time :) Naked and sliding off things? - it's like our kids went to the same training camp.

    1. We discussed the whole taking of kids but he really wanted time to enjoy his parents and brother as friends and not be interrupted by the kids all the time. I can appreciate that.

      But next time he is SO taking the kids!

  6. Very cute....and we are MAJOR Whovians here too....:)
    In fact, the Adipose ep from season 4 is on right now as we wait for bberry muffins to come out of the oven after mass. Too funny.
    Have a wonderful day and thanks for the fun.

  7. We use scissors for our pancakes! Apraxia is the WORST!! Trying to figure out what that word is they are saying repeatedly but that sounds like no word ever, ever, ever. Especially in the middle of the night! Argh!
    You probably already know/do this, but most school districts have language therapists and/or preschools that help with that. Our 2nd oldest was apraxic (I might have just made that word up, we finally found a family doctor that referred us to the school district. He was talking, so that we could understand, within a month. Now our 2 year old is apraxic also, he has been with a therapist since he was 18months and is going to start preschool in August. Even if you homeschool, the extra help is so nice.
    Sorry about the book!

    1. Ugh, I really should read what I write before I hit publish. Sorry about writing a book on your comments, is what I meant :)

    2. I knew what you meant!

      Because of James' medical history he is being followed through Early Intervention and will start preschool for speech therapy purposes as soon as he turns 3 this Fall. He's been seeing a speech therapist once a week since he was 9 months and unfortunately he has the worst case of apraxia she's ever seen. We have made progress but it is really slow in coming and so I always appreciate when other parents of kids with apraxia give me a light at the end of the tunnel. So thanks for commenting.

      And you are right - the extra help is SO NICE!

    3. It's funny because there is no known cause for childhood apraxia of speech and while there are some who want to blame James' birth experience the world is filled with kids who have apraxia and weren't dead for 1+ hour. BUT had James not been a stillborn and a NICU baby we would not be getting the services we are now. I think James would be much worse off language-wise had he been born alive and well. One more gift from God.

    4. Wow..speech therapy can start that early huh? (9 months and 18 months.) What are early signs of apraxia? Clark is 16 months and still doesn't really say any words. He is very vocal, and does repeat noises we make, and randomly we think he will say car, or cow, but not everytime we tell him to, only sometimes. He doesn't yet call me mama, and I'm not sure he attributes "dada" to my husband. So far our doctor hasn't seemed concerned so I guess I will just keep monitoring him and ask the doctor next time we go. Very interesting! And I may just be being paranoid.

    5. At 9 mo we were mostly focusing on James' swallowing but that was a stepping stone towards speaking.

      At 16 months James had no words at all and could not repeat sounds besides some very basic vowels and that was not consistent at all. It is a struggle for kids with apraxia to form the words with their mouths and you would notice that. It's painstaking at times and quite victorious at others.

      Clark may have a slight speech delay but for boys that's very normal. And to me it sounds like he's totally fine.

    6. Yea I figured he has a speech delay. He has been a little delayed on everything so I just figured he would be delayed on speech as well. He really didn't start walking until 14 months, and he is a small kid. Poor kid got his mom's genes. He is only 15th percentile on his height but 40th percentile on weight. He still wears 12 month clothes. I'm hoping he has a growth spurt some day :)...Thanks for the info Bonnie! Praying for James :)

  8. Odd comment but I read you had pancakes for breakfast. If I understood from other entries that James can't eat eggs. Do you make eggless pancakes? I am asking b/c my son can't eat eggs so I never make pancakes. Just curious.

    1. I totally get why you're asking. I've spent a lot of time figuring out how I can modify recipes so James can eat them. He is allergic to eggs and dairy so our pancakes are:
      1 C soy milk (in place of regular milk)
      1 rounded Tbsp applesauce (in place of 1 egg)
      2 Tbsp oil
      1 C flour
      2 Tbsp baking powder
      2 Tbsp sugar
      1/2 tsp salt
      1 tsp vanilla
      2 tsp cinnamon

      It makes about 8 medium pancakes.

  9. Bonnie, YOU CRACK ME UP. You know what, you should blog about the pizza cutter trick. Maybe then I can pin it and remember to actually do it. And, I'm with ya. My thoughts tend to get a little uncharitable right around 3:30 everyday :)

  10. Thanks so much for the pancake recipe!!!